Portable Workshops

In the spring of 2012, the Writing Center held its first series of multimedia workshops. Now, these hands-on learning activities can be brought to any University of Kentucky classroom. Most workshops run approximately one hour, but sometimes a little more time is needed for students to practice or create projects using their new skills. Many of the workshops use digital technology. A scheduled time in a computer lab is helpful, but not always necessary.

What workshops are available?

The current available workshops are:

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Much more than a game. You’ll be surprised what you find out about your own environment once you are challenged to observe it more closely. With your camera, find and photograph everything you observe that falls under a specific category. Categories can be as simple as: images of horses, things that are blue; or more complex such as: campus areas that are inaccessible to persons with disabilities, racial stereotypes used in commercial packaging, or advertisements and pamphlets commonly found in student facilities. The workshop covers simple digital photo techniques, as well as ways to display collected photos in a print document, slideshow, or video.

Posters: On and Off Line: Go back in time with poster design throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, including broadsides, Bauhaus, WPA (New Deal Era) and contemporary examples. Learn how to use Photoshop to mimic some of the design techniques, including rotated or distorted text, and filling text with an image or texture. Your resulting poster can be printed in the traditional manner, or made into a clickable PDF with active links, animated rollovers, or embedded video.

iMovie Interviews: Have you ever watched or recorded an interview, and wished it was more than twenty minutes of talking heads? More than just a cut and paste tool for video, iMovie has some incredibly simple techniques for adding pans of still images, cutaways, picture in picture, and environmental sounds. Learn how to take your A-roll (fancy Hollywood term for raw footage) and dress it up with illustrations and action.

Visualizing Information: Over the past decade, one of the fastest growing design fields has been visualizing information. Scholars, businesses, advocacy groups, and even artists and sculptors have gotten into the act of using charts, graphs, maps, or other visualization forms to deliver vast amounts of information with very few words. Go on a tour of quirky and creative examples, and learn a variety of simple online tools, as well as creative non-digital methods, for visualizing information. This workshop does not cover statistics or advanced data collection, instead it focuses on the visual design decisions inherent in visualizing information.

How do I take a workshop or have a workshop brought to my classroom?

There are a variety of ways these workshops can be used. If you are an instructor: we can bring consultants to your classroom to run the workshop. Please contact us as far in advance as possible for this option. Alternatively, you can meet with workshop creator Rachel Elliott to review the content, slideshows, and tools so you can adapt the workshop to your needs and teach it yourself. If you are a student: you can contact Rachel Elliott to make an appointment for a workshop meeting in the Writing Center. We can work with you one on one, or in a group if you have friends who would like to join in.

Is there a fee for the workshops?

No, the UK Writing Center does not charge a fee for any of its services.


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