For Students

1425501_818149178210485_1101903031_nThe UK Writing Center is one of the many phenomenal free services available to university students. The UK Writing Center provides you with free assistance and equipment to help you communicate: whether it’s through writing, public speaking, or digital media.

The list of projects you can bring into the Writing Center is endless:

  • essays and papers
  • resumes and cover letters
  • speeches and slides
  • charts, maps, and diagrams
  • blogs and websites
  • posters and flyers
  • poetry and stories
  • photo essays
  • interviews
  • videos
  • comics
  • podcasts

.Your project might be for a class, or something you’re doing on your own time. We can help with a wide variety of media through our multimedia tools, tutorials, and workshops, and even have a supply of twenty digital cameras available for checkout. We are here to help you communicate, in your own voice, on your own terms. Our staff includes graduate and undergraduate students, each of whom take a special course to become a Writing Center consultant. A typical consultation is 45-60 minutes, and appointments are a breeze to set up. We can often accommodate walk-ins as well. Come on by!

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