For Faculty


For UK faculty in any college, in any discipline, the Writing Center offers great services for both you and your students.

Class Visits

We would love to visit your class to talk about our Writing Center services. You can also bring your class to the Writing Center, where we can show students who we are and what we can do for them.

Multimodal Learning and Multimedia Communication

Would you like to give your students experience in multimedia communication, such as slides, videos, websites, blogs, or text supported by visuals including photos, charts, maps, and graphics? We provide assistance with the techniques and tools of multimedia projects, through consultations in the Writing Center and through simple online tutorials and single sheet handouts. We even have digital cameras (that produce still shots and video) available for free checkout.

We also have a few multimedia workshops that we can bring to your class. These hands on learning activities can be adapted to fit your class. We can have a consultant bring the workshop to you, or you can use our handouts and resources to run the workshop yourself.


Experience has taught us that the Writing Center works best when students choose to visit us. We hope that every instructor at UK will encourage students to visit the Writing Center, but please note that a Writing Center visit cannot be required or offered as exchange for extra credit. As professionals in the Writing Center, we honor confidentiality, so we do not verify student appointments.

If you have any questions or are interested in a workshop or class visit, please email Judy Gatton Prats, Director of the Writing Center.


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