Meet Online


Would you like an ONLINE UK Writing Center consultation?


First, if you have not registered as a client at the UK Writing Center, go to and click on the “Register as a new client” link. After you have registered, log in to and the UK Writing Center schedule will open in a new window.

Schedule an Appointment

On the Writing Center schedule, in the column to the far left, look at the consultant names and the text below each name. All consultants are available for Face-to-Face consultations, but only some consultants are available for Online consultations.

First, identify a consultant who offers Online consultations. Then, along that consultant’s row, locate a white space for an open appointment time , and click it to open the appointment window.

When the appointment window opens, look for the “Meet online?” question and the pull-down menu answers: “No, Meet Face-to-Face,” OR “Yes, Meet Online”. Select “Yes, Meet Online.”
Complete the appointment registration form, and save the appointment.

“Arriving” at the Online UK Writing Center

A few minutes before the start time of your scheduled “Meet Online” appointment time, log in to

When the UK Writing Center schedule opens, click on your appointment.

When your appointment window opens, click on the “Start or Join Online Consultation” link (in red) to open your online meeting window.

When the meeting window opens, upload your document.

Chatting with your Consultant

Once you have uploaded your document, you can chat with your consultant on the right-hand side of the screen. Both you and the consultant can mark text or type in your document. Your typing and the consultant’s typing are color-coded.

Both you and the consultant can save the document at any point, return to the session later by clicking on the appointment link, and look through a record of the work completed during the online session.

Note: All face-to-face and online sessions last 45 minutes. The sessions start on the hour and end at the 45-minute mark.


Contact Judy Gatton Prats, UK Writing Center Director, at


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