What kind of help can I get from a Writing Center consultation? We help with every stage of the composing and communicating process: from the “I-have-no-idea-what-I-want-to-write-about” stage to the fine tuning of a completed work. All consultations are completely confidential.

What do I bring to my appointment? Your work can be handwritten, typed and printed on paper, or we can review your work on the many computers available. For multimedia projects such as websites, posters, slideshows, or videos, we a Mac and a big screen TV for easy viewing. If you have specific questions and concerns, write them down and bring them with you.

How does the consultation start? We advise you to make an appointment, or you can walk-in and meet with a consultant if someone is available. When you arrive at the Writing Center for your consultation, our receptionist will greet you and take you to your consultant.

How does the consultant help with writing?  Your consultant will ask, “What’s your project about? What do you need help with the most?” You may be asked to read your work out loud. We find this helps writers write clear sentences that read naturally. We do not edit or proofread your writing for you. All changes are ultimately your decision. Our goal is to help you communicate your ideas in your own voice, in the way that is best for you.

How long is a consultation? Most consultations last 45-60 minutes.

Is my consultant a teacher? A few of our consultants are faculty, but most are grad and undergrad students at UK. Our consultants love writing and excel at helping. Your consultant is a guide, a helpful colleague, and a sounding board for your ideas.

What if meeting on campus is not convenient for me? You can make an e-tutoring appointment with the same friendly, knowledgeable consultants.

What happens at the end? At the end of the consultation, you and your consultant will strategize what steps to take next with your project. If you like, you can schedule a future appointment with the same consultant to assess your progress. Most visitors return again and again. We hope you do, too!

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