Meet a Consultant: Kait Lee


In today’s “Meet a Consultant” post, we talk to Kait Lee about overcoming one’s fear of writing, and… otters.

UKWC: Have you ever bombed, or been stymied by, a paper or a test?

Kait: Yeah! I actually was a terrible paper writer as an undergrad. I’ve gotten a lot better. Papers used to send me into panic attacks. My friends all think it’s funny that I work in the Writing Center now… embracing fear!

UKWC: How do you describe your Writing Center job to others?

Kait: I tell them that I work with undergrad and grad students. Whatever you bring in, we work on. We can work on organization, argument development, as well as language mechanics.

UKWC: Are there times here when you help people, and it made you happy?

Kait: Yeah! There are appointments where, at the end, I think “Wow! We made a lot of progress. This person really improved their writing!” and the client is very grateful.

UKWC: A change of subject just for fun… what animal is the cutest?

Kait: OTTERS. They’re so fluffy and they float on their backs and hold hands with each other so they don’t drift apart. I mean, have you SEEN a baby otter?

UKWC: That IS pretty cute.


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