Meet a Consultant: Nathan Allison

imageIn today’s “Meet a Consultant” post, we talk with Nathan Allison about his future as an English Literature professor, his love of basketball, and animal cookies.

UKWC: What was your favorite childhood toy?

Nathan: Probably a basketball. My first regulation men’s NBA ball was really special to me.

UKWC: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Nathan: Definitely a basketball player for sure. That dream was shot when I didn’t grow past 5′ 6″. Growing up I really liked Time Duncan. I liked most of the guards, like Kobe. But now my dreams are of being a professor of English Literature.

UKWC: How will writing help you in your future?

Nathan: Well, since I want to be a professor, hopefully good writing skills will enable me to be published. And help me articulate myself better.

UKWC: What did you not know before being a Writing Center consultant that you know now?

Nathan: I’ve learned that the most important thing is the empathy that you get to experience. You get to see where someone is at that moment, and help them progress to the next. Also, since working at the Writing Center, I’m better at articulating why I write the way I do.

UKWC: You know that bowl of candy at the front desk at the Writing Center?

Nathan: Yeah…

UKWC: What should we put in it?

Nathan: Animal crackers. They’re a subtle mix of honey and butter. And the elephants are pretty cute.

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