Meet a Consultant: Heather McIntyre


Heather McIntyre is a grad student here at UK. In this interview, we talk about the wide range of people the UK Writing Center serves, what candy is most like writing, and the pitfalls of reading in bed.


UKWC: What do friends call you?
Heather: Some call me Heather. Some call me Shorty, because I am short. And a couple call me Mac, because of my last name.

UKWC: What have you learned since working at the Writing Center?
Heather: I never knew how wide a variety of people use the Writing Center at UK! At other Writing Centers I have been to, it seemed like a small group of people used the service. But here, freshmen use it, grad students use it, faculty use it… not just for papers (and it’s such a wide variety of papers!) but also for resumes. And people from BCTC come in, too!

UKWC: How do you describe your job at the Writing Center?
Heather: I’m a “consultant.” I like that word, because it it reflects that I am a sounding board, not a person that forces someone to write better.

UKWC: What candy should the Writing Center give out?
Heather: I like almost all candy! I’m gonna go with 100 Grand bars. They are complex and have layers, like good writing.

UKWC: And you can say “Here’s a Hundred Grand!” and visitors can get all excited.
Heather: That too!

UKWC: What do you do when you can’t fall asleep?
Heather: That’s a funny question! I read. I figure if I can’t get to sleep, I may as well read. The problem with that now is that whenever I read for pleasure, it makes me sleepy.

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