Meet a Consultant: Mary Kate Elliott


self-portrait by Mary Kate

In today’s Meet a Consultant interview, we talk with Mary Kate about Writing Centers, writing letters, and what name she prefers.

UKWC: So, what name do friends call you?
Mary Kate: Just Mary Kate. Somebody used to call me “Hey Loser,” but actually, she calls everyone that.

UKWC: What did you not know before working at the Writing Center that you know now?
Mary Kate: I used to think the Writing Center was an editing service! But now that I work here, I’m really grateful that we DON’T do that. Instead, we help others learn how to improve their own writing. It’s better for everyone.

UKWC: Have you ever helped someone and it made you happy?
Mary Kate: I guess that’s every appointment I have here at the Writing Center! That’s why I like this job. I’d work here full-time if I could.

UKWC: If you could write a letter to anyone, and a reply was guaranteed, who would you write to?
Mary Kate: Oh my! I’d write a letter to Benedict Cumberbatch, because my mom thinks he’s the best person in the world.

UKWC: That’s very thoughtful of you.
Mary Kate: Yeah. She could frame the reply. But… she might die of shock. So maybe I shouldn’t.

UKWC: What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?
Mary Kate: I had this baby doll named Jenna. I carried her around so much her arm fell off. And a lamb named lambchop, who I baptized in the toilet. I loved them both to death, literally.


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