Meet a Consultant: Victoria Sullivan


Victoria Sullivan is a grad student at UK. In this interview, we talk about writing, sharing tables, and playing pretend.

UKWC: What do friends call you?
Victoria: Most of my friends call me Victoria. I have a small group of friends who call me “Victor”, but with a pronunciation like “VEEK-tor.” I’m not sure how that got started.

UKWC: Do you write a lot?
Victoria: I write a WHOLE lot. For class, obviously, but I also write fiction and poetry. I’ve had poetry published a few times. I journal, too. I try to write something every day.

UKWC: What would you change about UK?
Victoria: It’s a big campus, and it seems like people are afraid to engage or talk to other people. The atmosphere is like everyone is in their own bubble. At Intermezzo in POT, often all these four-person tables are taken by one person. Recently, two other students asked to share a table with me, and that was a nice experience. I think people could share spaces and talk to each other more often.

UKWC: What was your favorite childhood toy?
Victoria: I really liked toy kitchens and toy workshops and toy tools. I like playing pretend. I always wanted a doll house. Well, actually, I had one, but it wasn’t quite the right size for the dolls. They were a little cramped in there.

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