Meet a Consultant: Annabelle Bruno


self-portrait by Annabelle Bruno

In today’s “Meet a Consultant” interview, graduate student Annabelle Bruno talks with us about her favorite Japanese book, a time that she bombed a test, and a simple idea for changing UK’s campus.


UKWC: How do you describe your Writing Center job to others?
Annabelle: Awesome, amazing, and really satisfying.

UKWC: What have you learned from working in the Writing Center?
Annabelle: I didn’t realize how good I am at problem solving. I’m hyper-critical of my own writing, but not when working with other people’s writing. That’s more fun.

UKWC: Do you write a lot?
Annabelle: I mostly translate, which is writing, but it doesn’t engage me in the same way.

UKWC: What do you translate?
Annabelle: Japanese literature.

UKWC: So, what book would you put on a T-shirt?
Annabelle: Torikaebaya Monogatari. It’s about this minor official in Japan who has two kids, a boy and a girl, but the boy plays with ‘girl things’ and the girl plays with ‘boy things’. He tries to make them confirm to gender norms.

UKWC: Have you ever bombed a test?
Annabelle: Yes! After taking 4 years of Japanese here, I went to the University of Wisconsin and they put me in a class starting the year I left off. I got a 3 out of 100 on my first test! It turns out their language courses are five hours long, and mine were three, so those four years were not the same.

UKWC: What would you change about UK?
Annabelle: We need more places to sit and read and work. We need more desks! In some college towns, there are desks everywhere- not just in school buildings, but in restaurants and shops- and students can study anywhere and everywhere. It really changes the atmosphere.

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