Meet a Consultant: Margaret Frymire


self-portrait by Margaret Frymire

Margaret Frymire is a graduate student in English here at UK. In this interview, she talks about the 1920s, friendship, and her favorite childhood toy: Noise Puppy.

UKWC: Do you write a lot?
Margaret: Yes! I write for school, and I have a blog where I write creative nonfiction.

UKWC: Have you ever been stymied by a paper?
Margaret: I had trouble writing a paper last semester. It was a class called “Very Recent Fiction,” and my paper was about The Orphan Master’s Son, from 2012. There hasn’t been much written about it, so I had to formulate my own ideas and arguments. I got another Writing Center consultant to help me with it!

UKWC: So, you’re a fan of literature and books. What book would you put on a t-shirt?
Margaret: Probably The Great Gatsby. Not because it’s my favorite book, but because I love 1920s style. I’m loving Downton Abbey right now because they’ve moved into the 1920s and the costuming is beautiful.

UKWC: Can you name a time when you’ve helped someone and it made you happy?
Margaret: I have a client I meet with who is working on her dissertation, and it’s been really great to see how it’s changed from the beginning and see how much she’s learning. I also feel like I’ve made a friend!

UKWC: What was your favorite childhood toy?
Margaret: His name is Noise Puppy. He’s a stuffed dog and when you press his nose, he barks, like “ruh rah ruh ruh rah!”

*laughter throughout Writing Center*

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