Meet a Consultant: Catherine Wheeler


In today’s Meet a Consultant interview, we talk with Catherine Wheeler about childhood aspirations, playing with balloons, and thinking about “the person behind the paper.”

UKWC: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Catherine: I went through stages. I wanted to be an investigative reporter, a courtroom transcriber, and a nun. I think I wanted to be a nun first, then the others.

UKWC: What was your favorite childhood toy?
Catherine: I’m one of seven kids, so we didn’t get lots of toys of our own. My brother and I used to play a game with a marble and a balloon. We’d put the marble in the balloon, blow up the balloon, and then perform “surgery” to get the marble out without deflating the balloon.

UKWC: Wow… that sounds complicated!
Catherine: It took a long time. I guess it kept us quiet for awhile!

UKWC: Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a class?
Catherine: All of my math classes. I’ve taken four semesters of math so far, because I’m double majoring in Marketing and Economics.

UKWC: Can you name a Writing Consultant superpower?
Catherine: TACT. It’s easy to look at a paper and say, “This should be fixed!” But the client is a person, not a paper to fix. It’s good to always think of the person behind the paper.



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