Meet a Consultant: Stefanie Muller

IMG_6342In this interview, we talk with Stefanie about the value of writing in an uncertain future, and Sun Bears.

UKWC: How long have you worked at the Writing Center?
Stefanie: This is my second year… so, three semesters.

UKWC: How do you imagine writing helping you in your future?
Stefanie: That’s tough, because I don’t know what I want to do in the future! But writing is good for any job path. Writing succinctly is a good skill to have.

UKWC: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Stefanie: Hmm… let me think… a writer, actually! That’s funny. I would scribble on paper, not words, just fancy scribbles.

UKWC: What question do you get asked the most at the Writing Center?
Stefanie: “What grade will I get on this paper?” We’re not supposed to answer that, of course, because we are not the professor. How would we know? We’d have to be psychic.

UKWC: What’s a Writing Consultant Superpower?
Stefanie: Speed reading would be nice! Some people come in with very long papers!

UKWC: What animal is the cutest?
Stefanie: That’s a difficult question! Hmm… the Sun Bear. They have long tongues, which is really strange, but I think that strangeness is what makes them cute.



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