Meet a Consultant: Wendell Maupin

IMG_6313In this interview, UKWC talks with consultant Wendell Maupin about sharks, chicken nuggets, and what, if anything, annoys him.

UKWC: Why did you decide to work at the Writing Center?

Wendell: I didn’t even know the Writing Center existed until an advisor told me to take WRD 324, the class in writing and peer tutoring. It sounded fun to help people with papers.

UKWC: Is there a particular moment you can remember, when you helped someone and it made you happy?

Wendell: I helped someone with a paper, and then I saw him at the Johnson Center. He came up and thanked me. That made me happy.

UKWC: The Writing Center has a candy bowl up front. What kind of candy should we give out?
Wendell: I’m not a big candy person. It would be cool if we could give out chicken nuggets instead.

UKWC: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Wendell: I wanted to be a shark hunter for the longest time. I liked all the “Jaws” movies.

UKWC: What’s annoying?
Wendell: Hmm… not that much annoys me. Hmm… Let me think.
I hate the sound of fingernail files…
But I’m gonna go with CLOSED MINDEDNESS as the thing that most annoys me.


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