Meet a Consultant: Hasanki Warnakula

IMG_6309UKWC talks with consultant Hasanki Warnakula about why writing is important to physicians, and what happened to her favorite childhood toy.

UKWC: How do you see writing helping you in your future?
Hasanki: I hope to become a physician someday. Being able to communicate any future research I conduct will be useful. Communication is also important for patient-doctor relations. Physicians need to be able to explain things clearly.

UKWC: How do you describe your Writing Center job to friends?
Hasanki: I tell them that students, or even faculty, can bring writing, speeches, or any sort of communication to the Center. What I do is I ask the client lots of questions to help get ideas flowing…or help them more fully develop the ideas that are already there.

UKWC: Name a Writing Consultant superpower.
Hasanki: Being able to read someone’s mind would make the process much shorter!

UKWC: What was your favorite childhood toy?
Hasanki: When I was really young, I had a Loonette doll from the Big Comfy Couch that I carried everywhere. It got very dirty, and when we went to visit my grandparents, my grandmother told my dad to throw it away because it was unhygienic.

UKWC: Oh no!
Hasanki. Yes, it was tragic. But I got over it… eventually.


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