Meet a Consultant: Eleanor Feltner


UKWC talks with consultant Eleanor Feltner about cellos, Jolly Ranchers, and Writing Consultant Superpowers.

UKWC: Have you ever been surprised by how much you enjoyed a class?
Eleanor: Yes! My very first linguistics course. Now I’m in the Master’s Program.
UKWC: Can you play music?
Eleanor: I was a cellist for about ten years. Fun fact – I was in CELLOPALOOZA, and orchestra made up of all cellos.

UKWC: Wow, that’s cool! How does that work?
Eleanor: Players play their cellos in different ways to sound like different instruments.

UKWC: The Writing Center has a bowl of candy up front. What kind of candy should UKWC give out?
Eleanor: I’m kind of obsessed with Jolly Ranchers. Especially the cherry ones.

UKWC: What’s a Writing Consultant Superpower?
Eleanor: Oh! I know… the ability to make people feel good about themselves.

UKWC: That’s a pretty awesome and generous superpower.
Eleanor: I like it.

UKWC: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Eleanor: A bus driver. A SCHOOL bus driver. That was all because of Miss Sandy.

UKWC: Was Miss Sandy your school bus driver?
Eleanor: Yes. She gave us Jolly Ranchers, and she remembered what flavors we liked.

UKWC: Like cherry?
Eleanor: Yes!


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