Spooky Story: The Six-Word Horror Story

For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn. —Ernest Hemingway

American author Ernest Hemingway is often credited with the creation of the six-word story. Within these six words, Hemingway was able to craft a complete story by using a moment of conflict, an action, and a resolution. Since Hemingway’s time, the six-word story has been adapted to become the six-word horror story on social media websites. Fortunately, we don’t have to write like Hemingway to participate in this fun Halloween trend!

These stories range from “funny scary” like…

            Everyday of the week is Monday. —Eleanor

            All text messages are now public. —Eleanor

            Sits down in classroom. Pop Quiz! —Eleanor

to downright terrifying…

Someone tapping shoulder. Sickening thud. End. —Eleanor

            Walls closing in. No time. Screams. —Eleanor

            Sees opening. Almost there. Door shuts. —Eleanor

How many six-word horror stories can you come up with? Play around with the format and post your stories in the comments section below.

Sources: http://www.narrativemagazine.com/sixwords

-Eleanor Feltner


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