Wedn…er, Thursday Word of the Week: Callithumpian


October is a dang busy time at UK and in the city of Lexington, in fact, we’ve had a hard time keeping our Word of the Week promises! f midterms weren’t enough, there’s Big Blue Madness, the Blue and White game, and races at Keeneland to distract us…as well as the upcoming Thriller Parade! Which brings us to our Word of the Week: CALLITHUMPIAN!

“Callithumpian” is an adjective used to describe a noisy and boisterous parade or marching band. However, we wouldn’t use it to describe, say,  the U.S. Marine Corps marching band. It’s most often associated with a band-of-misfits, ragtag type of parade complete with kazoos or tin horns…perhaps like Lexington’s own March Madness Marching Band. You can catch them at the Thriller Parade, too.



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