Wednesday Word of the Week: KANINHOPPNING

Ok, we’ll admit, it’s not an English word. It’s Swedish! Kaninhoppning is the Swedish sport of rabbit show jumping. Sound silly? Check out how high these little bunnies jump! According to Dan Lewis, (author of the highly entertaining blog Now I Know, a great place to get interesting conversation ideas,)

“Rabbit show jumping dates back to the late 1970s or early 1980s, and mimics equestrian in many ways — not just by borrowing its fence design. The rabbits’ owners guide them through an obstacle course (not on their back, of course, but rather by command or by leash) and the winning rabbit and owner is the one which completes the course with the least number of errors and, secondarily, in the shortest amount of time.”

We think this sport could get some traction here in Kentucky…


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