UK Writing Center’s Future… what do YOU see?

Instrument Of Evil?

photo by Flickr user Greeblie, creative commons licensed.

Do you ever feel like the school year ends TOO quickly? It’s definitely long enough, but what I mean is, there’s no wind-down. Everyone gets incredibly busy with projects and final exams. It seems like the last day of classes is a mile away and we’re huffing and puffing to get enough air to run that far and then suddenly: WHAM, we’re there, it’s over. To be honest, I’d like a little bit more time to cool off after all that work, to talk with folks about what their plans are for next year and how we can help one another have success.

Just like any student rocketing into the summer, the University of Kentucky Writing Center has a future to plan. This future involves everyone: not just our staff of marvelous consultants, but also our insanely intelligent and creative clientele who visit us everyday: YOU. What future do you see for the Writing Center do next year?

I’ll go first, to break the ice:

My project for the Writing Center this year has been to create resources of information for students who want to create multimedia projects: websites, posters, brochures, and videos. After months of research and creating tutorials, the Writing Center now has a Multimedia Workstation for these projects. (Look for this to look much bigger by the fall!)

For next year, we hope to have multimedia workshops that can be requested by faculty and staff and brought into classrooms. Activities such as analyzing the environment through photo scavenger hunts, editing interviews into dramatic film shorts using iMovie, creating persuasive documents like posters and brochures, and visualizing information with creative charts, graphs, and mapping tools could all be brought into any classroom on campus. A consultant could run the activities, or, if the instructor wishes, he or she can use slideshows and handouts from the Writing Center website. These workshops are meant to be flexible, and to augment already-successful classes and projects by providing students and teachers the opportunity to include more media and reach more audiences without having to teach themselves complicated new processes and technology.

So, there’s my wish. I’d also like to have some workshops in bookmaking, scatter some colorful markers everywhere, and have a polar bear come visit once in awhile.

What’s your wish?


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