NO POSTERS! hehheh


Folks have noticed our posters around campus advertising the upcoming workshop, “Posters: On and Offline.” Even as I post them, I can see students and staff look over, squinting in disgust. Or I hear an audible “No posters??? Why?!”

It’s a pleasant thing to hear. I’m new to UK, and when I asked around about promoting classes and special events, I kept hearing that the best thing to do is get them posted to facebook and other online feeds. But I love posters. I love making actual, tactile objects. I love running around outside and hanging them up. I pass along digital flyers as well, but for me, they don’t seem real without seeing their printed siblings on bulletin boards, stairwells, or bus stops.

When I see folks react to this sign, and the idea of a campus without posters, I realize other folks must feel the same way.

The workshop is Tuesday, February 21 from 4-6pm at the Writing Center in the WT Young Library. We’ll talk about poster history, (including the 1800’s American inspiration for this poster,) learn some easy Photoshop techniques for simulating classic poster styles, and use Acrobat Pro to make a clickable poster.


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