Happy Holidays! And 3 Rural Blogs to take home.

The UK Writing Center wishes all of you a great holiday break!

As I watch the goings-on this week on the UK campus- the final projects wrapping up, the packed bags, the loaded cars gassing up for the trip home – I’m reminded of my own holiday trips home to a rural part of Oklahoma. Any holiday visit required a trip to Sandusky’s market and music store to get Christmas candy and black walnut jelly, and maybe pick up a new set of strings.


I’m amazed to see Mr. Sandusky on the internet. As far as I know, Sandusky’s doesn’t have a website or a credit card machine. But rural America is full of these paradoxes and surprises – even what is defined as “rural America” can be slippery. There’s a fast growing number of blogs and websites that talk about just that: perspectives on rural life, news from rural places, and rural art and culture, both in the rural places and among rural people who have relocated to urban places.

Here’s three to check out:

The Daily Yonder

The Daily Yonder: "Why it's called the New Yorker"

“55 million people live in the rural U.S. ­ Maybe you’re one of them, or used to be, or want to be. As mainstream TV and newspapers retreat from small towns, the Daily Yonder is coming on strong. We’re your daily multi-media source of news, commentary, research, and features.”

Recently, the Daily Yonder focused on the efforts of Nebraska farmers to stop the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and a New Yorker article that completely overlooked these efforts.

The Art of the Rural

The Art of the Rural: More than Frybread

“This site works to gather a variety of perspectives on the state of rural arts and culture in American life, humbly seeking to bring a variety of arts organizations, artists and media outlets into conversation. We are also concerned with how the arts can help us understand rural America in the new century: how we figure urban-rural connections and how we talk about the rural diaspora and rural youth.”

Check out their updates on the More than Frybread project…

The Rural Blog

The Rural Blog - Newspaper strikes blow against domestic violence.

The Rural Blog is a project of the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues, based right here at UK. It’s top-listed in the blog-roll of just about any other rural blog on the net. From administrator Al Cross: “It’s about facts that we think will be useful to rural journalists, non-rural journalists who do rural stories, and others interested in rural issues.”

Their recent post on a Tennessee newspaper’s in-depth report on local domestic violence was re-posted across the web.


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