Using blog-like organization for a research paper

From the University of North Carolina Digital Commons:

Sarah Shield in the history department wanted a place for her students to share their research from the semester with the world. She didn’t do anything on the site, but instead gave all her students access to the site and they built it out with pages. The final result was a wonderful site with lots of information.

This is a nice example of using a blog to organize writing and research on a particular topic. In this instance, the blog was authored by an entire class. However, you can use the same organizational methods to create a wordpress webtext out of a written research paper.

The information is nicely organized into separate pages on each conflict. Also, within each of those conflict pages, there are links at the bottom that lead the reader to the people involved, the conflict’s causes, and resolution.

These breakdowns are similar to what a paper’s outline might be… one way of organizing a webtext might be to take your outline and break each topic into a page, and each subtopic into a child page of that page, etc.

This is how the pieces of a blog’s format (pages, categories, or posts) can be used to create an organized document that the reader can click through.

Click o the pic below to check it out!


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