Composing with Visuals Class

8 week Studio Combines Writing with Photography, Document Design, Film, and Infographics

Are you a kinetic learner? Would you like to shake up your semester by creating and making things rather than sitting and listening to a lecture?

Are you a visual thinker? Do you post image after image on facebook, because it’s your best way of communicating your thoughts?

Are you a multi-sensory communicator? Are you interested in using visuals to help make your point, whether it’s as a creative writer or a researcher or an advocate for the greater good?

Enroll in A&S 100-02 : Composing with Visuals taught by Rachel Elliott.

This class meets for eight weeks from 2/13/12 – 4/4/12, and will be taught in the Mac Lab at the Fine Arts building. Students in the class will learn digital photography, photoshop, page layout, film creation from still shots, as well as some “low tech” techniques. Students will also be looking at visual arts for inspiration, learning some design skills that are useful for any kind of media, and using writing and image-making in a back-and-forth manner to generate work.

Contact Rachel Elliott at to find out more!


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