3 New tutorials: Emphasis (or focal points) in visuals

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We’ll admit the line above is annoying and unprofessional. If you’ve ever scrolled through page after page of rentals on craigslist.org , this type of ad title will be very familiar to you. While scrolling, our eyes become accustomed to the repeated shapes of letters. When unexpected shapes appear, the contrast between them and the other lines of text draws our attention. (Of course, if every ad on the list looks like this, the method fails to work.)

Communicating with Emphasis

This is an example of creating emphasis, or a focal point. Visual emphasis draws our attention and makes something stand out from what’s around it. You can read more about visual emphasis and how focal points are made by reading Visual Literacy: Emphasis. Take a look at Alfred Hitchcock’s films in the Communicating with Emphasis tutorial to see how focal points add to a film’s plot. See how print advertisements use emphasis to make an ad stand out from the surrounding articles and photos of print media in the Document Design:Emphasis tutorial. 






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