Visual Literacy and Document Design Tutorials

We’ve just finished three new visual literacy tutorials on shape, scale, and balance. These tutorials  show how different visual elements contribute to the content and meaning of an artwork or artifact. They are not about “good” visuals or “right” visuals, instead, they present a range of factors that can be tweaked and dialed until a visual says what we want it to say.




Each tutorial juxtaposes images that are similar in subject matter, but use the design element in a different way. We hope the images foster questions and discussions, as well as new ideas for supporting written composition with imagery.

Document design: shape

Speaking of writing… we’re also working on a set of tutorials on document design. The hope is to tie these to the visual literacy tutorials, exploring how visual elements may play in to writing itself and all its physical manifestations. We have one we’d like some feedback on. “Document design: Shape” talks about typefaces and how the shapes of typefaces carry associations. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

As always, all these tutorials and more can be found by clicking the TUTORIALS tab in the main menu.

Happy composing!


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